Are you feeling stressed?

Do you sometimes find it hard to focus? Do you feel as if everything is getting on top of you? Do you find that there are not enough hours in the day and that it is difficult to juggle all your commitments, so that you become overwhelmed by it all? Are you continuously multi-tasking and then wonder why you suffer from over-load? Would you like to find a way to make your life better?

This is where the Silva Method can help you.

The Silva Method gives us specific techniques that can help you to combat these pressures of every day life….....

and even more…….                                                   


Over ¾ of a million people in the UK have missed work because of stress and around 75% of all illnesses are considered stress related. In the western part of the world we have ever increasing expectations and pressures put upon us to achieve, to the point that if we sit down, we feel guilty. Sound familiar?


How can the Silva Method help us with this? 

There are already many successful people who have used these techniques…….many world-renowned writers, doctors, sportsmen and success coaches. These include: Wayne Dyer – Best-Selling Self-Improvement Author & Success Coach, Shakti Gawain – Best-Selling Author of Creative Visualization, Marguerite Piazza – Famous Opera Singer, Dr. O. Carl Simonton – Cancer research pioneer, Prof. Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D. – Medical Pioneer, Richard Bach – Best-Selling Author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Chicago White Sox – Baseball Team (in the 70s), Dr. Cleve Backster – Scientist, discoverer of Primary Perceptive Capability in plants

 Also successful companies including; NCR, British Energy, Motorola, Berkleys, Lancaster & Co, Lloyds TSB, Speedheat UK, Spellman Properties, Institute for Business Technology, South Yorkshire Health Authority, Lanarkshire NHS, Greater Glasgow Health Board, Yorkhill NHS Trust, Foyle HSS, Clyde & Argyll NHS, Beardmore Conference Hotel & NHS, Northumberland County Council, Scottish Holistic Health Association, Royston Stress Clinic, Lifestyles UK

and successful schools including; Kyloe House School, Hurtwood House College, Central College, Guernsey College of FE, have used the Silva Method too.

So what is the Silva Method all about?

Well, it gives you very easy techniques that you can use on a daily basis that reduces stress levels, increasing health and happiness, by enabling you to be calm and in control and respond to life in a positive, constructive way, instead of just reacting in a panicky, hopeless, energy draining way.


It is used for stress reduction, depression, anxiety, pain relief, reducing weight and addictions. The applications are very many and everybody can use the techniques. 


As for me…..I use it every morning before I get up to plan and mentally rehearse and visualise my day ahead.  I use it to attract specific goals I may have.  I use it through out the day to give me more energy and to tune into other people so that I can help them better. I use it before I go to sleep to have a better quality and healing sleep; to send healing to my family and friends; to programme for dreams to solve problems.  I have used it to help me study and pass exams.  I usually use it after holidays or Christmas to get me back to my healthy weight!


We do all these things in a different brain state, which makes everything much more effective and so much easier.  Your mind is simply amazing! But you’re only using 5% of it! The Silva Method trains you to be able to access the other 95% and to attain this brain state by yourself.


The Silva Method gives you techniques that help you to relax and clear your mind so that you can; 


Unlock your mind’s unused potential and…use it dynamically to;


       Turn your goals and dreams into reality!


       Build confidence and self-esteem!


       Eliminate stress!


       Improve health!


       Boost your energy levels!


       Improve sports!


       Solve problems!


       Improve relationships!


       Be more successful!


       Find your life’s purpose!


       Improve your business and career!


       Improve your finances!


       Take control of your habits!


       Stop smoking!


       Reduce weight!


       Improve your memory!


       Learn faster!


       Enhance creativity and intuition!


       And so much more…………   


The Silva Method……..established in 1966……..presented in 29 languages........15 million graduates……..taught in 111 countries
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