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"As a medical doctor a few years ago I would call these cases miracles. Today I call them “mentally induced recoveries”.

Yes, it’s possible to influence our body – in a deeply relaxed state – with our imagination.

There are lots of people who could recover from metastatic cancer by combining their medical treatment with the Silva Method. The human mind has huge power! It can be utilised if we know the how.​ 

Gabriella F., 30 year old lady’s left leg was 4 centimeters (about 2 inches) shorter than her right leg. She took the 4 day mental training course with me called “Silva Method”. Within 18 months of regular relaxation and visualization her left leg grew 4 centimeters and she doesn’t limp any more!
And not only in cases of health challenges. We can also influence positively e.g. our financial state or carreer. Mr. Gabor Mohacsi used to sell candy on the street and after learning to utilise the power of his mind he’s become a multimillionair. 
Norbert Bank at age 14 was the worst student in his class because he hated to learn and read. After learning the Silva Method he influenced himself and as a result he fell in love with learning within 4 days. Today he is a successful lawyer. 
 A famous American psychiatrist professor, Clancy McKenzie wrote about the Silva Method: “Once a person experiences the results obtained from this level of consciousness, he never attempts to make important decisions or solve problems without using it.” Dr Laszlo Domjan MD, PhD


"The Silva method helped me to stay focused and organised whilst preparing for my exams, and to maximise my potentials. Practicing this relaxation technique helped to reduce stress in the exam situation, think clearly and recall the information I've learnt. I passed, first attempt."    Hajni Sereg



In February of 1993 I started programming to meet the man of my dreams. We did meet in August and both of us feel that we were created for each other, and tha tneither of us had been this happy with anyone before. I was also programming to find a satisfying job during that time. The day I met my new boyfriend was the same day I had an exciting job interview as well. It felt fantastic finding out that I had been chosen from 40 applicants. I feel my life to be fl owing much more dynamically since taking the course. I am full of life, full of energy and charged by the desire to live happily and to help others be happy as well. --  X.Y.



Partly out of curiosity and partly to help solve some problems, I took the course at the end of 1992. (I now know it was the best decision of my life.) At the time I was facing having a gynecological operation and my doctor told me that, without it, I could not expect to have children. Taking your advice, I used the glass of water technique for guidance in making the right decision. I was struck by a strong prodding to turn to another doctor. By “chance” I met the chief surgeon of a hospital in Budapest, who turned me to a colleague of his, a gynecologist, who happened to be experienced in artificial insemination. My new doctor reviewed my earlier medical records and advised against having the operation. Of course, in the meanwhile, I was diligently programming daily to heal myself. At level, I imagined my uterine tubes as being passable and giving birth to a healthy baby.. I got pregnant two months later! I’ve been carrying my long awaited baby under my heart for 16 weeks now and my joy knows no bounds.



Jai shree krishna ,Hello to all my friends,
I want to share this fantastic way of thinking which I have tried and the technic works.I have been training my self for the past 4 months after attending a course in Peterborough. My sincere thanks to Karin who tought me the technique.
Hence I felt I wanted to share this with my big family as I treasure each and every one of you.
I have just had my final check up at hospital and have been discharged being declared in excellent health and cancer free.
I wish you an excellent health,harmony,peace and joy all the time.  Anjana

Feeling fairly disillusioned with life after a year of personal upheaval which ended in divorce, I must admit I approached the course with some degree of intrepidation and scepticism.  But I am happy to say that I emerged three days later bursting with optimism for a more positive, brighter, happier future.                                                    Sarah Gunthardt – Business Editor for Peterborough Evening Telegraph


The Silva Method – more than meditation
A friend of mine had taken The Silva Mind Control Method course and was on fire about it. She wanted to go and repeat the course again, and I figured this is my chance to try meditation, which is a big part of the Silva method.
I have tried meditation several times. I’ve heard people going to a different level of the mind and was very intrigued to what this meant. I have been to yoga camps where meditation has been a big part of it, silent meditation walks and listened to countless meditation sound files, all with the same result: I fall asleep.
My friend also mentioned other techniques like problem solving, instant relaxation and healing, but the main reason I wanted to go was to learn the meditation side of it.

Once there, I learned that the brain has different levels of consciousness – the one I’m operating on now typing this article and you reading it – is the Beta level, which is also where the left side of the brain has a big part. When meditating, the brain goes down to the Alpha level, or after some practice even deeper to Theta level, which is equivalent of deep sleep. The idea is that whilst at these levels a much larger part of the brain can be accessed. At Beta level we use only a few percent of our brain capacity, but on Alpha and Theta level we can access much more of our intelligence and intuition.
The course was very good; the teacher Karin Barnes was a lovely woman with the typical English modesty and a light sense of humour. She also had quite a scientific approach to explaining how the Silva Method works, which appeals to the logical left side of my brain that has the need of always understanding HOW things work before I can believe it. The first time Karin guided us into Alpha level I was not expecting anything, but what I did feel was a very deep calm and also when she pronounced the words “You are now at Alpha level” my face started to tingle as if it had been asleep. I felt very relaxed but awake and conscious at the same time. It was not a revolutionizing feeling, but still a different feeling.
Apart from the Deep Relaxation I just mentioned, we also practiced a technique called Sleep Control, how to teach yourself to fall asleep – I must confess that I did take a little nap during that session!
There are also techniques for relieving headaches, not useful for me, since I never have them, Memory Pegs – a system for remembering things easier, Three Fingers technique – for going into the alpha level or relaxed level awake and with your eyes open – quite useful during work, and Habit control – how to take control over eating and smoking habits. The most useful and interesting one – which I already have been practising, but in a slightly different way – was Mirror of the Mind technique, which is a visualization technique. You briefly picture what you don’t want and then swap the picture for a positive one, whether it is health, a new job or a new house, you can use this technique. It is very similar to NLP, or Neurological Programming. The people I spoke to on the course wanted to use the technique more for personal development. Sure, getting a new job and a new house was on the list, but there was more focus on getting healthy, changing eating habits, becoming more decisive and other life issues, and I also believe that is where I will have the biggest use for this.
In the western world we have lost our belief in our own minds and in our intuition. Everything has to be rational and logical for a decision to be made, though I find there is more talk now about “gut feeling” and “it FEELS right to do this”, so I think there may be a change towards using intuition more. A rational decision may seem the best thing, but perhaps not always what will make you most happy? Since intuition has not been a natural part of how we make decisions, we have to re-learn it. There are several methods of doing this, where The Silva Method is one.
The two day course I took was called SLS – Silva Life System, part 1 and to become a Silva graduate, which entitles me to take the course again at a very reduced price I need to do another two days, part 2, the Silva Intuition Training, where there is more focus on ESP – Extra Sensory Projection, healing, tapping into the energies and collective minds and creative powers.
My initial goal was just to learn a meditation technique, but now I’ve done the course, I want to use it to make better decisions and also to relax instantly. I have used the techniques every day for the last week since the course, and I believe they work.
Malin Fabbri







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The SIlva Method has most definitely bought a lot of success in my career and lifestyle. It particularly helped to put the theory from books like the Secret into practice, as well as using the power of our brain to its full potential. I look forward to attending one of your courses again in the future.. Thank you Rena